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I have a great love of wildlife and the natural world, which I have only recently started to capture. I hope to grow this collection over the next few years. Here are a couple of my most recent works.

Puluh the Sumatran Orangutan

Puluh lives in Chester Zoo. He was a bold magnificent presence that I could have watched for hours, So, with a bit of artistic license I made him the bright vivid character that I saw before me. 

Created using colour pencils on Grafix Drafting Film, 42x60cm. 

Prints are available, please contact me for details. 

Chewing the Cud

Meet the Cudfella's as I like to call them. I met this trio whilst walking through the Yorkshire countryside on a family holiday. They were such an inquisitive and mischievous looking bunch I had to draw them as soon as I got home. 

Prints are available to purchase at Spence Gallery and Cutting Corners Framing. CLICK HERE.

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